The website is run by Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance (Hrvatski institut za pokret i ples – HIPP). We are a nonprofit organisation based in Croatia, Zagreb, Biankinijeva 5, and one of the five partners in the EU project Empowering Dance.

We have created this privacy policy to inform our web site visitors about the data they share with us upon each visit, and how we treat it.

Collection of persional data

Personal data is all information that refers to an individual whose identity is known, or possible to determine.

We only come into posession of your personal data when you explicity provide it. On this website, your personal data will only be obtained by us if you contact us via the email listed on the bottom of this webpage.

Data processing

The information you send us via e-mail will never be shared with any third party, and will only be used to contact you, if you express the wish that we do.

Cookie use: what are cookies?

A cookie is a piece of information stored on your computer by a website you visited. Its purpose is mostly personalisation of your visit to the website, but cookies can also be used for marketing (personalised adverts) and visitor statistics. Cookies can be permanent, or session-limited.

Which type of cookies do we use on this website and why?

This website does not currently use any cookies.

If you wish to know if we posess your personal information and you would like to request its deletion or alteration, please contact us on

Right of complaint

You have the right to file a complaint in regard to our treatment of your personal data to a supervisory body of authority. In Republic of Croatia, where this website is hosted, the supervisory body in charge of these matters is Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency (Agencija za zaštitu osobnih podataka – AZOP).

Privacy Policy